Run and land based swim exercises [ET Lockdown Session]

Monday 13 Apr
All Day
Map Unavailable

Find a stretch of pavement, not too far from your home.
The set is a fartlek session (speed play). Use lampposts in the street for the change in speed. Go up and down the street several times if you need to. Use RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to measure effort:

4 lampposts – 6/10 RPE, followed by a recovery 2/10 RPE for 2 lampposts
4 lampposts – 7/10, followed by a recovery 2/10 for 3 lampposts
4 lampposts – 8/10, followed by a recovery 2/10 for 4 lampposts

Take a rest to get the heart rate back down (2 minutes will probably do) and maybe try this set 3 times.

Cool down jog home.