Run and land based swim exercises [ET Lockdown Session]

Wednesday 15 Apr
All Day
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Wednesday 15th April 2020 by Coach Chris
Run session and land based strength and conditioning set for swimmers

Run session
Nice and simple one for you today.
Find a loop of 1000m.
Most folk will know one starting right outside their door. It doesn’t need to be exactly this distance anything from 700m upwards will do. Do an extra loop if at the lower distance!
5 minute warm up and stretch
5 x 1000m – 1 to 2 minutes recovery after each loop dependent upon fitness levels.
You are running at 5k race pace with the last 150m picking up speed just like a race with a competitor for the finish line.

Check your time after each loop and try and improve each loop time by at least 5 seconds.

This set is all about pace judgement and speed!
5 minute warm down and stretch.

‘Baked bean burn’ swimmers strength and conditioning set
Please watch short video before starting! (on ET facebook page)
10 exercises – 1 minute each exercise moving from one to the next. Rest time between the exercises is only the time it takes to set your timer! Total activity time for each set 10 minutes.
1. Straight arms crucifix palms down
2. Straight arms crucifix palms up
3. Squat punch
4. Plank
5. Side plank (30 seconds each side)
6. Arms by side alternating low to high (painting the fence)
7. Crucifix elbow rotations
8. Windmills
9. Wax on!
10. Wax off!
Repeat set 3 times.
Warm down and scoff beans!