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Open water swimming

During the summer months many of our members organise open water swims. Typically, these are led rather than coached are usually organised via the clubs facebook page.

Before taking part in open water swimming take logical steps to risk assess the situation and don’t do it if you are in doubt. Please also make yourself familiar with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code which in relation to open water swimming states:

Access rights extend to swimming (subject to any local byelaws). Remember that swimming in open water can be dangerous, particularly for children, and that the water might be used for public water supply. Help to minimise problems for other users by:

  • not swimming close to water intakes, abstraction points or spillways
  • avoiding nets or other fishing tackle
  • not disturbing anglers and other water users
  • not polluting the water, and
  • being aware that in prolonged dry spells fish might be distressed due to low water levels.
Typical locations include:
Threipmuir Reservoir
Portobello Beach
Foxlake Adventures

Open-water swimming can be a shock to the system at first, but once you acclimatise you’ll find it thrilling. The psychological and physiological impact is completely different to indoor pool-based swimming so it’s important to get your body acclimatised to the temperature. You should always be accompanied by another when swimming in open water preferably someone with open water experience. Here in Scotland, and depending on the time of year, you will almost certainly need a wetsuit too. Make sure you bring along plenty of warm clothing to change into afterwards!


Useful open water tips for beginners: