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Swim Etiquette

Don’t let a crowded pool of speedy swimmers intimidate you. As a club member you are expected to show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

Our guide below ensures that all members regardless of ability get the most out of our swim sessions:

  • Be prepared: Be on time for training sessions, wearing suitable kit for training.
  • Judging your pace: If it’s your first swim session, arrive a few minutes early at poolside and introduce yourself to the coach who will discuss which lane you’ll be most suited for.
  • Getting in: Dangling your legs in from the side to let swimmers know you’re there is useful if you’re disrupting the rhythm of a lane and it’s ok to jump or dive in if the area around you is clear, but you should never dive if the depth is less than 1.8 metres.
  • Listen: Try to follow our coaches’ instructions and if you don’t understand please ask for clarification.
  • Foot tapping: It’s the universal gesture among club swimmers – if you want to overtake, tap the toes of the swimmer in front and they should pause at the end of the lane to let you pass.
  • Resting at the end of a lane: Stay tucked into the corner if resting between sets so other swimmers have room to turn and push off.
  • Tumble turns: Only use this manoeuvre if you are confident there is no one behind you because you might collide as they reach the end of the lane while you’re still flipping over. If the coast is clear, make sure you exit the wall on the other side of the lane. The same applies to pushing off.
  • In general race tattoos should not be left on the skin for an extended period. However, some tattoos are stubborn to remove and if they are still present during swim sessions then the area should be washed and the tattoo should not be flaking (i.e. so no bits are left in the water).


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