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Swim kit

Outlined below is a suggested kit-list which our coaches have put together and encourage athletes to bring along to pool sessions. This will allow the coaches to incorporate relevant drills and practices to aid your swim training. They are not mandatory but will make certain drills and practices easier to complete.

If you’ve any questions, please ask one of our coaches. We have an ‘Affiliation’ with Swimshop who offer a 10% discount on equipment and have put a bundle package together for Edinburgh Triathlete members which will give you everything you need.

  1. Pull Buoy: A generic adult sized foam swim buoy will be fine.
  2. Hand Paddles: We recommend the Finis Freestylers, technique training paddles, rather than strength training paddles, which help with stroke/catch development.
  3. Kick Board: A generic adult sized foam kick board will be fine.
  4. Fins: Typical rubber fins with a heel cup as pictured will be fine and will allow a wider repertoire of kick drills to be incorporated into sessions. For those who suffer from achilleas pain, fins such as the AquaSphere Alpha (the blue ones in the picture) allow greater ankle flex and may be easier to use. Those who suffer badly from cramp may even want to look for longer length diving-type fins which also reduces load on the calf.
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