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Club Championships

Any accredited race can count towards the Club Championships.

Members earn points by competing in the races and the male and female members with the most points overall are crowed the annual club champions.

The rules of the points scheme:
  • Any race accredited by a national triathlon governing body can count
  • You get 100 points for finishing. Your best 4 performances count. You get more points depending on your position in your age group.
  • Points = (number of people in your age group that you beat +1) x 100 / (number of finishers in that age group).
  • For a Scottish Championship race your position points get multiplied by 1.5.
  • To get your race counted you need to advise the club championship supremo (method to be advised – watch this space)
  • You need to be entered as Edinburgh Triathletes (unless you’re racing for your country)
  • Wearing of club kit is preferable if you can.


2019 Club Championship Current Standings

Check back as the season progresses

Historical Winners
2018 Elizabeth Richardson Paul Chowdry
2017 Elizabeth Richardson Sandy Legget
2016 Eilidh Yates Matt Goode
2015 Eilidh Yates Joe Tomaney
2014 Kiera Murray Ian Gillon
2013 Nicola Dudley Phil Parr-Burman
2012 Elizabeth Richardson Gavin Calder
2011 Keira Murray Phil Parr-Burman
2010 Vicky Stewart James Gibson
2009 Alison Rowatt Callum Hendry
2008 Alison Rowatt Callum Hendry
2007 Kirsten Sinclair
2006 Francesca Owoska
2005 Katie Sweet Tom Chambers
2004 J Beetham Kevin Kealy
2003 Jen Lang Scott Balfour
2002  Francesca Osowska Ian McLaughlin