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Choosing The Right Run Session


These evening runs are suitable for complete novices through to more experienced runners, so everyone is welcome to come along. If you have never run with a group before and are new to running then this is the ideal place for you to start.

Some weeks are steady run sessions or work on technique, whereas others work on strength or pace. The only pre-requisite is that anyone coming along should be able to run 3-4 miles without stopping.

On a Monday we meet at 18.10 (ready to leave at 18.15) in the reception area of the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

On a Wednesday we meet at 18.00. Sessions are currently based in Leith Links but there is a plan for having them in different locations over the month – first Wednesday at Inverleith, last Wednesday at Meadowbank track, other sessions at Leith Links in summer and likely back to Inverleith in winter.

Please make sure you are dressed for the weather. High visibility clothing is required for the winter evenings. Most sessions are interval based/flat or hill reps, between 5 and 10k, suitable for all levels, no one gets left behind.

If the session is taking place after sunset please do bring a headtorch!


The last Wednesday of each month the club holds a track session at the new Meadowbank Sports Complex. This type of run training is excellent for increasing basic speed and educating the body in pace awareness. All runners can benefit from track sessions, no matter what their ability.

Please arrive by 17.45pm to warm up and be ready to start on time.


During the autumn and winter months many of our members organise off road runs at various locations. Typically, these are led rather than coached and are usually organised via the clubs Facebook page.

These cater for all abilities but expect people to have some running experience for 1 -2 hours. Off road running shoes are recommended and clothing suitable for all conditions.