Our ET kit is supplied by Orca and can be ordered directly from their website. Please note that orders can only be placed whilst the ordering window is open.

Important Information

  • You must first create an account and then you can place your order and pay Orca directly.
  • When the ordering window closes Orca will produce the orders and deliver them to our kit organiser.
  • You are entitled to 15% off the prices shown, but only if you enter the code “edinburghtriathletes” when you get to the checkout page. This code also applies to any orca products from their general website, not just the ET kit. But you must keep your ET club Kit order separate.
  • The club subsidises tri suits down to £50, but you will have to pay the full (with your 15% discount) cost up front to Orca and the club will refund you the difference. Our kit organiser will be notified who is ordering and will get in touch to arrange the rebate.
  • When you order a trisuit there’s also an option to add your name to the suit at no cost.
For more information please contact Phil at