Club Kit

Our ET kit is supplied by Raceskin

The kit is the fantastic design by club member Maria Brimelow, based on the contours of Arthur’s Seat.

The shop will be open for a few periods of a couple of weeks each year. You order and pay directly with Raceskin then when the window closes the total order for the club goes to production and you receive it directly. Production timescale varies but is typically 4 or 5 weeks, which means it could be up to 2 months before you get your kit – so you might want to plan ahead.

Before you go to the Raceskin shop you should read the stuff below.

The tri kit is from the “elite” range which is a high quality for racing (min order quantity is 3 though). The other kit (no min order quantity) is the “club range”, ideal for training.

All prices have 10% added which gets refunded to you if the club order is more than 5 of each. For example the full price of a tri suit is £143, which is 10% more than the base price of £130. So if we order more than 5 you will get £13 refunded to your payment method.

Also – the club is subsidising tri suits by £50, so the price you pay for a tri suit up front is £93 (and you still get £13 refunded if we order more than 5).

Very Important – sizes are “unisex” which means male. So ladies should size down.

Tri suit sizing in particular: There is a size chart on the Raceskin shop, but since tri suits are close fitting it’s not possible to represent all shapes. Someone short and wide could fit the same suit as someone tall and narrow. Ideally you would try one on and I have tri suits available for that – contact me to arrange. Alternatively send a message to Raceskin with your measurements and they will be tell you which suit is right.

Link to Raceskin ET shop

The password is Podium2503

If you have any problems, or anything isn’t clear, please contact Phil at

Club Bike Box Hire

Any member can borrow one of the club’s EVOC bike bags for free! These are “semi rigid” and offer excellent protection for your bike.

To book a box or make an enquiry, please email saying when you want it (pick up and drop off dates).

Club Wetsuit Hire

Any member can hire one of the club’s wetsuits. There are several sizes on offer.

To book a wetsuit or make an enquiry, please email detailing the loan period required (start and end dates, allowing 2 days either side for hand overs) and size (depending on weight and height).