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The 25th Gullane Beach Triathlon 2020 has been postponed to 2021. This difficult decision has been taken for the following reasons:

– Uncertainty regarding social gatherings in September 2020 owing to current pandemic

– Recognition that public indoor pools are currently closed and open water swimming is currently strongly advised against

– Difficulty in planning for Gullane 2020 in the current health climate

– As a club organising the event we are less dependent upon income from the triathlon but we are conscious that if sporting events are to be permitted in September, owing to the current economic situation we feel we should put commercial and charitable ventures before our own

– Some other events are now being rescheduled to September and it is quite possible that this may apply to golfing events which usually take place in the Gullane area

– By postponing to 2021 we will have more time to make an even more fantastic 25th Gullane Beach Triathlon!

We very much appreciate your support for this event and look forward to welcoming you in 2021!

Arrangements have been made to refund all persons who have already signed up to the event. In the event of any query, please email on

Thanks to our brilliant club members and volunteers Edinburgh Triathletes has a long tradition of organising two of the best known triathlon races in Scotland – New Years Day and Gullane.

In the early days of triathlon in the UK, almost all events were organised by clubs but as the sport grows there are more and more racing options available. This is good for the sport but makes it harder each year for all clubs to continue to attract the same number of participants to their races. At Edinburgh Triathletes we want our races to be the kind of special experience that keep people coming back year after year!